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Redefining family homes across Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs, XL Built is Melbourne’s extension builder of choice in crafting homes to suit your lifestyle.

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What is Multigen?

Multigenerational homes are households that cater for two or more generations living under a single roof. Currently there are more than four million people living in multigenerational homes in Australia, which accounts for one in five of all Australians.

Benefits of multigenerational living comes financially (through shared mortgage, bills and maintenance costs) and in piece of mind, knowing your grandparents can be taken care of or look after young children in the household.

As an extension builder Melbourne, XL Built can assist in making your home MultiGen, through the addition of a separate living area or by building a custom new home. When professionally designed, these MultiGen homes take into account all of your family’s needs.

Is XL right for you?

We understand our clients

As an extension builder Melbourne, XL Built strives to stand out in the industry, offering transparent, honest communication with homeowners and designs that fit in practically with your family’s life.

As your family grows, XL Built helps your home do the same, with custom home extension designs to provide space and comfort to your household.

Our custom-built internal portal allows you to monitor the extension process of your build right down to financials where your home extension costs are outlined, meaning there are no surprises in the construction process.

XL Built homes are homes built for you.

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