12 Pro Tips for DIY Kitchen Renovations

What to Consider when Remodelling a Kitchen

They say that the kitchen is the heart of a house. It is the centrepiece, the place where warmth and comfort, family and food all come together. That’s why it’s critical that every part of your kitchen fits together perfectly and suits you and your family. It also means that any renovation needs to be efficient and well-managed, so that you can return to your kitchen as soon as possible. Today we’re looking at all the key components of a perfect kitchen renovation.

Modern Kitchen extension
Kitchen with Island, Sink, Cabinets, and Hardwood Floors, with View of Living Room, Dining Room, and Outdoor Patio

Kitchen Remodel Decisions

First of all, be prepared to compromise. It’s nice to dream big and create a perfect vision for your home, but when it comes to renovations, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll have to make some tough decisions between keeping up with the schedule, staying within your planned budget, perfecting the visuals and maintaining a high quality standard.

To minimise unpleasant surprises during the makeover examine potential hidden costs before signing off on any budget. For example, leaving old flooring in place may seem like a good and sure way to save money for other changes, but after the cabinet layout of your kitchen renovation changes you may discover mismatched batches of flooring that used to be hidden by furniture. That would require some additional treatment and may take its toll both on your wallet and on the timeline that you’ve planned for your project.

A drastic departure from the style of your old kitchen and the overall atmosphere of your home can also spell some unexpected trouble. Some of the appliances, furniture or decor elements would have to be replaced to match the new look even if they are relatively new and in good condition. Before you commit to your renovation, talk to your builder or designer about various compromises that you can make without sacrificing the core vision of your new kitchen.

Modern kitchen Renovation
Modern kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Cabinets

Big or small, high-tech or rustic – first and foremost your kitchen should work for you. So, before you consider the overall style or what kind of material you want for the bench-top, focus on what functionality you want from your kitchen. What appliances do you need and where will you put them? Oven and fridge are the obvious choices and they take up quite a bit of space. What about dishwasher? Microwave? Coffee Machine?

Kitchen gadgets can make cooking a lot easier but, adding more of them might mean that you’ll need to get creative with the ways you utilise space. A pull-out pantry is a great idea if you are running out of room in your kitchen. Carousel shelves are less space efficient but they are perfect for corner cabinets, letting you see all the contents of your cabinet without having to stick your head inside one. Also, if you have many kitchen appliances, make sure that you’ve got plenty of power sockets as well. Dangling criss-crossing cables can make even the nicest space appear messy.

Kitchen island bench and wood laminate cupboards with pendant lighting
Kitchen island bench and wood laminate cupboards with pendant lighting

Hiring Tradesmen for your Kitchen Renovation

Hiring the best tradesmen is, of course, the key to any successful renovation. To keep you up to speed, here’s a list of professionals you’ll need for your kitchen renovation:

1. Kitchen Designer

Unlike other rooms where you can move the furniture around and combine different items to suit your taste, the kitchen requires quite a bit of precision. Cabinets and work surfaces need to be well-fitted, any space between them carefully measured or you risk ending up with drawers and cabinets that you can never fully open. A good designer should also help you establish a schedule for all the works you need as well as give you a budget estimate to avoid blowouts.

2. Removalist/Demolisher.

Usually your cabinet maker would organise the removal of your old kitchen. However, you will likely need separate arrangements to remove old flooring or splashback tiles.

3. Flooring Installer

The order in which you get different jobs done can be a little tricky here. Make sure to cover your new floor in plastic if you have any paint jobs planned after you’ve already installed it.

4. Plumber

You may need plumbers to come over several times during the renovation. First to lay the pipes where needed and do other structural work and then, once everything is in place, again to connect sink, dishwasher and gas stove. So make sure to discuss schedules ahead of time.

5. Cabinet Maker

More often than not new cabinets make for the most dramatic transformation in a kitchen renovation. The tradie you choose to make your new cabinets should be able to bring together practical aspects of the job with the creative vision you have for your space.

6. Electrician

Ideally, you want all of your essential kitchen appliances to have good access to electricity while also maintaining an energy efficient space. Make sure that any electrician you hire has the proper licence and also insurances.

7. Tiler

Tiles can be used in a variety of creative ways and can be more cost efficient than some of the more glamorous materials. However, even if you decide to go with the most luxurious splashback option, make sure you have a real pro removing the old splashback and installing the new one.

8. Painter

Last but not least! Actually, you can go with some DIY on paint job and save a bit of money on labour cost. At the same time, make sure you know what kind of paint you need for the types of surfaces that you have and that you know how to apply it properly. Otherwise you run the risk of doubling the time and money you’ve spent re-doing the whole thing.

Dining area and kitchen
Open plan dining area and kitchen

The Perfect Kitchen Renovation

There’s quite a lot to take into account with a kitchen renovation and it might get quite overwhelming (how to beat overwhelm), especially if you don’t have ample free time to research and arrange everything. Hopefully, this guide will set you on your way to a perfect kitchen renovation. But if you want to have peace of mind knowing that your renovation is done and managed by professionals, don’t hesitate to contact us!


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