5 Clever House Extension Design Trends

The convergence of creativity and technology bring many exciting trends to home building. Here are 5 trends you may want to consider incorporating into your new house extension design…

1. Natural Light and Ventilation.

Good use of natural light and ventilation not only saves electricity, it can make your home feel more spacious. Rooms look bigger. Ceilings look higher. And more generally, things just look less cluttered.

This can easily be achieved through the placement of windows, the design of external doors, and the addition of natural lighting and ventilation features. See some examples on our services pages.

2. Blurring Inside With Outside.

Many people are taking natural light to the next level by blurring the line between inside and outside. This can be done by opening up a wall with large folding doors. Or it can be achieved by weather proofing a deck or courtyard. Ask your extension builder how you may be able to extend your living area by blurring inside with outside… and make the most of our magnificent Melbourne climate.

2. LED Lighting.

The most exciting technological breakthrough in lighting recently is definitely LED lights. They are bright, energy-efficient and compact. This gives you almost unlimited flexibility when it comes to designing lighting for any home.

Some people opt for the minimalistic appeal by hanging tiny lights from the ceiling. Others add drama by incorporating bold colours and unusual materials. Modern LED lights work well with both design styles.

2. Colour.

Although your choice of colours is almost limitless, there seems to be 2 main house extension design trends this year. One is bold and bright with a mix of tribal and retro colours. The other is subdued and peaceful with a mix of earthy and romantic shades. You’ll find examples on our facebook page.

2. Flexible Designs.

Gone are the days when every room was built for a purpose. The best designs today allow the owner to adjust the room for different purposes. This not only gives you better use of each space, it generally gives your home a more open and natural feel.

2. Bonus House Extension Design Trends Tip.

Knowing about design trends is important. But following them blindly can cost you a lot of money and leave you disappointed. Be sure to talk with your home builder before making up your mind about any particular trend. There is always more than one way of achieving the result you want.


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