5 Home Design Ideas for a Timeless Look

Home design trends come and go. Some of them stay popular for decades, others go out of style almost as quickly as last season’s fashion choices. Unlike your wardrobe, changing your home to keep up with the latest fads is usually not an option. If you’re planning a renovation or extension for your dream home, your want to choose a design that would last for many years to come. Today we’re looking at classic home design ideas that would let your home age gracefully.

Bringing Back the Classics

Blazing fire in living room of luxury architect designed Australian house

Classic architectural styles have lasted centuries and even now they remain popular due to their timeless elegance. Building an eighteenth century style mansion might not be a viable solution at this day and age, however adding some classical elements to modern homes serves as a great way to bring class and distinction to your environment. Incorporating historical elements like arched windows, columns or retro bathroom fixtures in contemporary design takes skill and imagination, but the end result will stay tasteful and chic for many decades to come.

Alternatively, you can style your home entirely around period-themed design making it a nostalgic callback to mid-century modern or shabby chic of the eighties. This solution requires a lot more market research as you would need to fill your interiors with thematically appropriate furniture and decorations. It also makes it difficult to replace old furniture over time as you’ll have to look for something equally fitting. And, as a final challenge, most modern household appliances are rarely available in retro designs, so you’ll need a creative way of incorporating them in your home. However, if you like wondering around flea markets and antique shops to carefully craft your perfect home, the payoff would be unique interiors that stay visually interesting throughout the years.

Clean and Simple

“A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away,” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery. Minimalistic designs give you a lot of freedom and because of that can keep pace with changing times very efficiently. Replacing outdated elements and brining in new influences can be done without overhauling the rest of your interior, plus, to add your space a little flavour, you can add stylish details that would stand out all the more in a minimalistic space.

Open views and clean lines make your home feel more organised and orderly, brining much needed calm into hectic modern living. Go for broad free surfaces and distinctive textures without ornaments and complicated patterns that add visual noise. Also, to rid your life of clutter, don’t forget to include ample storage space with built-in cabinets and neatly organised shelves.

Focus on Function

Travertine house – Cream and brown color in bathroom

Another good way to make sure your home doesn’t need regular updates over the years is to prioritise the functionality of your space over surface-level aesthetics. Center your house around your way of life emphasising the practicalities of every room. For example, using a lot of white in your interiors may look crisp and attractive but can prove difficult to maintain if you have pets. Stylish trinkets and custom-made light fixtures can be disastrous with kids in the house. Chasing after eye candy for your home may lead you to miss some opportunities to accommodate your daily routines in your design.

Your environment can also be a good motivator to bring positive changes in your life. Building a home gym or exercise corner is a good way to stay in shape, while a study goes a long way towards keeping you focused if you’re working from home.

Supreme Neutrality

Interior of a modern apartment, comfortable living room

There are new trendy colours every season, coming and going faster than highway traffic. Chasing after popular colours is almost guaranteed to make your space look dated before you’re even finished with your construction project or home renovation. Neutral shades of grey, beige and white, on the other hand, remain relevant no matter what. They also offer endless hold-tones and variations that would help add depth and interest to your interiors.

Conversely, neutral colours can be a bit drab, especially if there isn’t enough light to bring them out. A versatile solution that lets you keep up with the trends without re-doing your paint job every season is to use neutral colours on your walls, floor and ceiling while swapping colourful elements and bright slip-covers all year round.

Material Side

Beautiful Luxury Home Exterior at Night

Nowadays, the market offers many different materials that let you save money that let you save money without compromising the visuals. Vinyl, plastic and weatherboard come in many different colours and variations. However cheap materials usually require more maintenance and would have to be replaced semi-regularly. There is a reason why old-fashioned terracotta, stone, brick and hardwood are just as chic today as they were a hundred years ago. High-quality traditional materials are more durable than their modern counterparts and are known for ageing gracefully. They also significantly increase the value of your property making spending extra during construction a good long-term investment.


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