Planning an Alfresco Extension: ideas, designs and insights

An Alfresco or an outdoors room is the perfect extension for an Australian home – with our great climate and a long-standing tradition of barbecues and outdoors family gatherings. We’ve decided to collect some alfresco extension ideas that would serve you best.

1. Bring your garden into your home

There’s nothing more refreshing than lush greenery of a beautiful garden. Enjoying an afternoon with your friends and family in a cosy alfresco overlooking the trees in your backyard fills you with a powerful feeling of calm and content. To really harmonise the inside and outside environments in your alfresco our designers recommend bringing in as much greenery as possible. Potted plants and decorative hedges, leafy vines and colourful flowers create a stylish counter-balance to the sharp edges and glinting surfaces of glass, steel and polished wood commonly used in modern houses.

Alfresco extension with pool

Outdoor entertaining area with swimming pool


2. Let the sun in

Or keep the rain out. Either way, a functional alfresco roof design is essential and a sunroof is a great idea. Low hanging ceilings can have a bit of an oppressive effect, especially when everything is bright and vibrant outside. On the other hand, when the skies are grey, smaller spaces with artificial lighting create an inviting and comfy atmosphere. With a variety of louvre systems to choose from you can control the mood in your alfresco roof extension at any time and any weather.

Alfresco extension with a louvre roof and swimming pool
Alfresco extensions with a louvre roof are a great way to keep the rain out and let the light in.


3. Get ready to dive in

A pool is another one of those things that can make our life worth living. With a little bit of creativity and planning your pool and alfresco area can fit together organically producing an architecture of comfort and style. Carefully planning your alfresco extension to bring different parts of your home and yard together makes for an ensemble that feels ‘just right’ – maybe that alfresco extension was always meant to be there?

Alfresco extension with a swimming pool
A pool and alfresco area can fit together organically


4. Throw another prawn on the barbie

At the end of the day – isn’t that what it’s all about? Bringing your friends together, enjoying a few drinks and freshly cooked food as the sun slowly sets outside. A well thought-out cooking and eating area is what transforms alfresco from a decorative middle ground between your home and garden into a lively and engaging family room where everyone can always feel welcome.

Alfresco extension with built in kitchen
Outdoor entertaining with built in bbq.


There is a variety of creative directions in which you can take your alfresco extension. What will suit you best depends, of course, on the style of the rest of your house as well as your garden, the kind of lifestyle that you live and how you see your home changing in the future. We gathered a few different takes on what style you might choose for your alfresco.


5. Get closer to nature

Consider choosing natural materials and textures in your outdoors room to create a calm and relaxing environment. A reserved colour scheme of dark greens, warm greys and rich browns as well as using simple patterns gives you a feeling of being one with nature, while adding a touch of burnt reds and warm indoor lighting sets the mood for appreciating finer things in life.

Indoor Outdoor living
Indoor Outdoor living


6. Enjoy the simplicity

Luxury doesn’t need an introduction. Nothing extra, nothing ‘special’ – the high-quality materials and impeccable workmanship can speak for themselves. The great thing about unassuming and minimalistic outdoor alfresco designs is how much freedom they give you. A spacious and simple room can be the canvas for any kind of party or family dinner that you want.

alfresco and pool area.
A stylish alfresco and pool area.


7. Colour it up

Colourful accents can brighten up any space. Unexpected combinations and brave contrasts can make your alfresco a feast for the eyes. Just remember to give your colours enough room to breathe and use lights to create a room that feels both festive and stylish.

Alfresco extension melbourne with outdoor kitchen

Outdoor entertaining area with built in kitchen.




All images used in this article are the result of dedicated work of architects, designers and tradespeople here at XL Built. Contact us today to start planning your Melbourne home extension.

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