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Attic Conversion Guide

A loft or attic conversion is one of the most economical ways of increasing space. It can offer nearly as much space as a full Melbourne home extension at a much lower cost and with less work needed overall. There are however, several important rules that you need to know to convert your attic successfully.[…]

New Technologies in Building Materials

Technology is constantly moving forward, creating innovative materials and improving production methods. What was considered “tried and true” only a few years ago has now changed or become obsolete. To keep up with technological updates and emerging trends, here’s a guide to new developments in material market. Walls Bricks are seeing a resurgence in popularity[…]

House Extension Ideas

House Extension Ideas for Modern Living

When talking about extensions people often envision something of a box-type add-on connected to the main structure with no particular rhyme or reason. Even if the exterior is seamlessly blended together, simply adding an extra room or increasing your living space by a few feet doesn’t seem to be worth the trouble. However, house extensions[…]