b'Your Step-by-Step Guide to Custom BuildingCongratulations on the decision to pursue yourProject Homebuildersdream home, and welcome to the first step in making that happen. Project homebuilders are typically companies concentrating on large volume. Customers make a selection by either At XL Built, we believe in ensuring you can make the best,visiting a display home or browsing through a set of most educated decision, when it comes to the elementsready-made designs. This method suits people who do of creating your home. So, where do you begin and whatnot want go through the design process and are satisfied should you avoid?with compromising. Choosing the right builder is by far the most importantThe final figure paid will depend on the inclusions selected. decision you will make when it comes to constructingIf you wish to customise one of the set designs to match your home. With many choices out there, builders can varyyour needs, often the project builder will not provide from having amazing reputations and builds in their careera price adjustment until you sign a contract. to those who can be the cause of great financial ruin. We have witnessed and heard the horror stories from ourYour experience with the build will depend on the supervisor clients, prior to working with us, who hired the wrongallocated and, generally, you wont be offered a chance to builder and are still paying for the mistake. Throughout thesee your house or hold a site meeting until construction long build process, you will work intimately with the builder.is almost finished. Its also important to note that most For the partnership to flourish a great deal of trust is putproject homebuilders do not take on complex jobs into their hands.e.g. a sloping site, irregular shape or more than two levels.The easiest way to look at builders is to look at the two industries they operate in; project homebuilders and custom homebuilders.Page 1 of 9'