HomeBuilder Explained

HomeBuilder Scheme Explained

In early June, the Federal Government announced a new stimulus package to kickstart the economy via the construction industry. Dubbed ‘HomeBuilder’ this package will see $25,000 cash grants given to homeowners looking to renovate and those looking to build new. It’s an exciting time for anyone who is thinking about a building project, but as […]

What You Can Be Doing Now To Build

home extension with polished concrete

Some elements of our everyday lives may have changed or come to a halt in the era of isolation, but your extension doesn’t have to be one of them. With a little more time on your hands, there is plenty you can do to get the process of designing and planning started, so that once […]

Our Response to COVID-19

During this period of prolonged isolation, it can seem like beginning work on a new extension, renovation or knockdown rebuild project will be difficult or impossible. And it’s true that due to strict government regulations, many industries have had to slow down or stop completely to contain the virus. Construction however, is classified as an […]

How to Select Heating and Cooling Options for Your Home Extension

Heating and cooling options

Did you know in Australia, 40% of a household’s energy usage typically goes to heating and cooling? In a day and age where Melbourne has been declared a climate emergency, it’s time we assessed the heating and cooling options for our homes. Since heating and cooling consumes so much energy, it makes sense to use […]

3 Reasons Why You Should Only Hire a Registered Builder

When you’re planning a building project like a home extension, it can be tempting to hire an unregistered builder. After all, an unlicensed builder typically offers their services cheaper than registered builders. It may seem like a good money-saving option, especially if you’re working with a tight budget however the VBA requirements are thorough for […]

10 Tips for Upgrading Your Outdoor Living Space

It doesn’t matter if you’ve lived in your home for decades or you’ve just bought a new one with amazing potential, you might be looking to change the backyard area to better suit your needs and lifestyle. Depending on the space at your disposal, the ways how you can upgrade your outdoor living space are […]

Home Extensions: 7 Interesting Tips

You can go wrong with changing the décor of your home but you can never go wrong with a home extension. Adding more space to your home will transform your household in a positive way as you’ll have more space at your disposal. Furthermore, a home extension will help the property fetch a higher selling […]

Old House Renovation 101: 5 Essential Tips for a Stunning Rehabilitation

There’s something unexplainably appealing in living in an old house. They have a character and a style that is their own. Depending on the year the house was built, it can provide a unique glimpse of the past from the modern-day perspective. However, before you say your vows, you need to know the bride. Owning […]

What is a multigenerational household and why it can work for you

a happy multigenerational family enjoying lunch outdoors by MultiGen

Multigenerational homes are changing the way we live. With the figure of these households on the rise, there are currently more than four million Australians living in these types of homes with one in five households a multigenerational home. Essentially, MultiGen homes house adults from two or more generations living under the one roof. Why […]

10 Essential Things To Know Before You Paint a Room

Painting is one of the fastest and easiest ways to completely change how a room feels but that doesn’t mean it is a project that should be taken lightly. There are a lot of ways to mess up a paint job and end up with results you’ll hate for years to come. When you’re getting […]