Feature Project: Armadale Second Storey Addition – Seamlessly Integrating Modern Design with Heritage Charm

Project Overview:

XL Built was entrusted with the task of extending and renovating a heritage home in Armadale, Melbourne. The delightful clients, a growing young family, required a second storey addition with two additional bedrooms and a bathroom, as well as renovations to the ground floor, including a new kitchen, bathroom, and ensuite. The project aimed to seamlessly integrate the modern extension with the existing home while ensuring an open and light-filled space. The design required practical storage, warm white finishes, and a timeless feel.

Architectural Features:

  1. Modern Second Storey Addition: The extension incorporated a contemporary design with architectural metal cladding, giving the home a striking and unique appearance.
  2. Large Platform Windows: The use of large platform windows allowed ample natural light to flood the interior, creating a bright and airy ambiance.
  3. Automatic External Venetian Blinds: The addition of automatic external venetian blinds provided the homeowners with control over privacy and sunlight, while adding a touch of elegance to the facade.
  4. Classic high ceilings harmoniously coexisting with large Victorian ornamental cornices and ceiling roses
  5. Oak Flooring: The project included the installation of beautiful oak flooring throughout the home, adding warmth and sophistication to the interior spaces.
  6. Custom Designed Staircase: A meticulously designed staircase, featuring an inset glass balustrade, served as a focal point, seamlessly connecting the different levels of the home while adding a touch of modern elegance.

Interior Upgrades:

  1. Additional Bedrooms and Bathroom: The second storey extension successfully added two spacious bedrooms and an extra bathroom, providing the growing family with much-needed space and comfort.
  2. Renovated Ground Floor: The ground floor underwent extensive renovations, including a new kitchen, bathroom, and ensuite. These updates brought a fresh and modern touch to the home’s existing layout.
  3. Gave a face lift to the ground floor of the heritage home
  4. Repainted the walls, rejuvenating the interior spaces
  5. Addressed and fixed rot issues commonly found in aged houses
  6. Spruced up the original fireplaces, preserving their historical charm.
  7. Hydronic Heating and Air Conditioning: The inclusion of new hydronic heating and air conditioning systems ensured optimal comfort for the family throughout the year.

Challenges and Solutions:

  1. Site Difficulties: The project faced challenges such as limited parking, no crane access, and a lack of storage space for materials. XL Built efficiently managed these limitations to ensure a smooth construction process.
  2. Matching Heritage Materials: To maintain the home’s heritage charm, the construction team sourced and matched 100-year-old materials for the ground floor renovations, seamlessly blending the old with the new.

Client Review:

We went through quite an intense process looking for a builder to take on our home extension project.

The reason why we ultimately decided to go with XL Built was their sheer professionalism and we weren’t let down. A week before the appointment they sent through an agenda and list of questions for us to consider to make the appointment as effective and efficient as possible.

When Luke came for the appointment, he pretty much spent the whole time simply listening to us.

As we had undertaken a previous renovation not long before, XL Built was able to preserve and reuse most of our old items.
Never over promised, were super patient as we kept changing things around and in fact finished before schedule.

Super considerate of all the neighbours, left everything very clean
Highly recommend them as they have given us a beautiful home.

We will definitely use them again when opportunity arises.


XL Built successfully transformed a heritage home in Armadale, Melbourne into a modern haven for a growing young family.
The second storey addition, featuring architectural metal cladding and large platform windows, provided an open and light-filled space.
The interior upgrades, including additional bedrooms, a bathroom, and renovated living areas, added practicality and contemporary elegance to the home.
Despite site difficulties and design challenges, XL Built’s professionalism and commitment to excellence ensured the project’s successful completion, leaving the clients with a stunning, modern heritage home.

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