3 Reasons Why You Should Only Hire a Registered Builder

When you’re planning a building project like a home extension, it can be tempting to hire an unregistered builder. After all, an unlicensed builder typically offers their services cheaper than registered builders. It may seem like a good money-saving option, especially if you’re working with a tight budget however the VBA requirements are thorough for good reason.

Hiring a builder who isn’t properly registered poses tremendous risks. These risks may prove expensive and may also cause you legal headaches in the years ahead. There is always someone who can do it cheaper, but at what cost long-term? You should only hire registered builders for your building project no matter how small. Here are three important reasons why:

#1: Registered builders guarantee quality work

Registered builders have invested time, money and effort towards learning the skills required to obtain their license. Here in Victoria a builder won’t be able to get a license unless they have spent several years working under supervision. Registered builders must also maintain the standard required or they risk losing their licence and livelihood.

It’s not easy to get a builder’s license and ensure you keep it. Registered builders will do everything they can to avoid a client filing a complaint about their work. When you hire a registered builder, you’ll be getting someone who has the expert knowledge and experience for the job. More importantly, you’ll be employing someone who cares about the profession and providing high-quality work.

#2: You have protection when you work with a registered builder

Another strong reason why you should hire a licensed builder is you’re protected all the way—from the moment you sign the contract to the completion of the project. That’s because carrying insurance is one of the requirements a builder must fulfil to qualify for their license. They’ll also keep up-to-date with the latest compliance requirements when there are changes, for example non-combustible cladding standards have been heightened in recent years.

The insurance your contractor carries will protect you in case anything goes wrong with your project—for instance, when an accident causes injury, death or damage to public property. The contract you’ve signed with your builder is your protection against legal risks.

#3: Working with a registered builder saves you money in the long run

Most people who hire unlicensed contractors do it to save money. If you sit down to really think about it, a registered builder is probably less expensive than an unlicensed one. If an unlicensed builder requests your project is done as a “Owner builder” all the risk becomes yours. A building inspector may find your project doesn’t meet the standards and requires to be reworked. There is also the risk of encountering problems that need serious attention in future when problems occur. A licensed builder is required to fix problems with the project before they hand it over to the owner or when they arise during the warranty period. There’s also the risk of unlicensed builders taking your money and running which is highly unlikely with a reputable, registered builder. Why take the risk when a registered builder can guarantee high quality, cost-effective work?

XL Built is a licensed builder that specialises in providing quality extensions, additions, and rebuilds for Melbourne homes. Contact us today and find out how we can help you build your perfect home.


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