Home Decor Trends for This Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and with it comes the time to decorate and bring some cheer into your environment. However if you want a fresh start for your home this holiday season, there’s still enough time for a small home makeover. Here are new trends in home decor and interior design that you can implement just in time for celebration and keep all year round.

Add Some Colour

Changing the colour scheme can completely transform any room in your home. Whether you are willing to risk applying a new coat of paint right before Christmas is up to you, but there are less demanding ways to bring in new colours and combinations – adding new furniture (or just changing upholstery), buying new curtains and accessories.

This Christmas season designers are offering plenty of alternatives to the traditional red and green colour scheme. Their top picks this year are combinations with gentler shades of green and blue – turquoise, teal, aquamarine, shades of faded denim. To go with them are brighter, warmer colours like orange, gold or peach. Finally, as a backdrop and main accompaniment for those colours, interior decorators are choosing soft but festive shades of crisp white, silver and cream.


Crafts and Decorations

Nothing spells Christmas better than decorations, wreaths and glittering lights. Have some fun with your kids crafting your own decorations together. Plenty of online guides provide ideas on easy to make crafts that don’t require purchasing any additional materials. Plus handmade items can make for heart-warming souvenirs or even nice gifts that won’t break your budget.

Pretty up your porch with garlands and add Christmas lights to the trees and bushes around your garden. (Remember that using LED Christmas lights will also save you energy.) Wreaths with green leaves and colourful flowers fit perfectly in summer gardens, while spruce can create a more authentic Christmas mood. Many stores are also selling plain spruce wreaths and garlands that you decorate yourself to make a unique ornament.



Tinsel, ornaments and garlands are all good, but they can also look tacky and downright overbearing if your space is already cluttered. So, before you get ready to celebrate and fill your home with gifts and guests, dedicate a day or two to cleaning and organising. In the spirit of Christmas, consider donating some of the stuff that you’re getting rid of to charities. Make sure to properly sort and recycle the things that you can’t donate to really earn a bonus gift from Santa.


Gifts for Your Home

This is the time of giving and purchasing something nice for your house that can be a gift for the whole family. Consider buying a home automation system or installing a home cinema. For more practical purposes, purchasing new household appliances is always handy. Why not update your oven or barbecue for holiday feasts? Even more down-to-earth, various storage units can help you clear up the space to entertain guests and fit all of your new gifts. Finally, check out ideas for practical Christmas gifts – homewares and gadgets make for thoughtful and useful presents and you might want to pick up some of them for your own household. (On second thought, maybe postpone smaller purchases until after the holidays. Who knows, maybe some of your friends are also browsing those lists looking for something to give you.)

We wish you lots of cheer this Christmas and hope that you’ll be celebrating it in your dream home. If not, you know who to call!



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