How to avoid time blowouts when extending your home

Extending your home doesn’t have to be difficult. But for some people, it ends up being a nightmare. And one of the most common problems is…


Time Blowouts


Just imagine: You expect your home extension Melbourne to be finished by a certain date, so you calculate your finances based on that date. You pack up your belongings and organise removalists. You even take time off work so you can move. And then you discover…


Your ‘New Home’ Is Not Ready


Look, you can be unlucky with the weather. And this can cause some delays. But the main reason for time blowouts when extending your home usually has something to do with a…


Disorganised Builder


Remember, extending your home is a massive logistical exercise. It’s about managing people and products.

Your extension builder has to coordinate concreters, brickies, tilers, roofers, plumbers, plasterers, electricians… and many more tradespeople. He also has to…


Manage You


Throughout the building process you will be called on to make lots of decisions.

For example, if the tiler is booked to arrive in 2 days, the tiles must be onsite. And that means you will have had to go to the tile shop and choose the tiles you want. That can’t happen the day before. It needs to be arranged weeks in advance.

Managing this process takes skill and experience. And just because a builder is good at swinging a hammer doesn’t mean he’s good at managing your home extension. That’s why you must ask your builder what process he uses to…


Keep Everything On Track


If he doesn’t have a schedule to build to – and a way to manage that schedule — you have no chance of moving into your custom ‘new home’ on time.

The most organised builders use Scheduling Software together with their building estimating software. This is usually a cloud-based system (online) that handles everything including the communication between all parties.

We use a system that enables us to log every email between us and our clients… and us and all our tradespeople. It’s totally transparent and available for our clients to view any time of the day or night.

There is never a missed email because all communication is kept in real time, right there in the system. No more confusion about colours, models, sizes, styles… or timelines.

It’s all there – organised for everyone to see.

If your builder is not using a schedule and management program like this, you run the risk of suffering mistakes, confusion… and a major time blowout.

If you’d like to know more about our Scheduling Software – or even if you’d like to see a demonstration – contact us today and we’ll set up a time to meet.

We’re here to help,



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