Five Landscaping Trends and Ideas for Any Garden

Summer is finally here! That means it’s the perfect time to bring new magic into your garden. Landscaping is a powerful tool for transforming your garden or front lawn. With a little imagination you can create an environment that brings your entire property together as your very own charmed corner of this world. Here we’ve gathered some landscaping trends and ideas for any taste!

1. Mixing Materials

landscaping trend 2019 #1 mixing materials

Mixing the right materials can produce the perfect combination of a lovely garden that doesn’t require that much maintenance. Wood and natural stone are the usual suspects, breaking up any monotony without disrupting the tranquil backdrop. However, there are many unexpected materials that you can combine in your garden. Concrete, metal or even glass mixed with untamed greenery can give your garden some stylish vibes and fit really well with clean modern architecture.

2. Geometry


This one usually requires a lot of maintenance. But if done right, the results can be amazing. Trim, immaculate hedges following the lines of your house, creating an effect of living architecture – simple geometric shapes can be used in a number of styles from cosy country elegance to artistic surrealism. We recommend choosing slow growing plants, so you don’t have to constantly clip them to maintain the desired look.

3. Minimalism


It may seem very simple in concept, but an effective minimalistic landscape is one of the most difficult ones to cultivate. The trick here is to pick the correct combinations and add just the right amount of details so that your garden or front lawn don’t look barren instead of stylish. Try creating a monochrome backdrop of low-growing shrubs or natural material decking with a few prominent details here and there.

4. Colour Frenzy


Who doesn’t love a colourful garden! Even on grey days bright flowers and lush leaves capture the eye and refresh your spirit. With the great variety of flowers and plants to choose from, your garden can look pretty all year round, changing shades but never fading. And if you are not very interested in researching perfect combinations of rare flowers, you can still make your landscape interesting by accentuating it with colourful details, adding texture with pebbles or contrasting simple greenery with the walls and windows of your house.

5. Layered Garden

backyard-trends-2019-#5-layered garden

Combining plants of different height within the same flowerbed as well as setting up your greenery in rows and steps are great ways to add depth to your garden as well as to make the most out of a small space. Even if you don’t have any space at all, you can create a beautiful landscape with vines and potted plants.

Whether you have a green thumb or if you just want to forget your garden for most of the year, hoping to plant something sturdy and resilient, these ideas offer something for everyone. Consider combining different approaches to create your dream garden this summer!

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