Tips to Make Your Home Multigenerational

Multigenerational homes are becoming more and more common throughout Melbourne. There are many reasons for this; Elderly parents may need the assistance of their adult children, young couples or families may be saving for a deposit, while young adults often opt to stay in the family home longer to save on rent.

Multigenerational homes provide benefits on both sides of the equation; they allow grandparents and grandchildren to enjoy each other’s company, while also offering an affordable option for families who need some extra help with childcare.

When designed well, multigenerational homes are great for the family dynamic. They can offer a sense of connection and belonging that may not be present in single-family households. They also provide an alternative to retirement living or assisted care facilities; it is often cheaper than these options while still providing some level of independence and companionship.

In this article we will explore ways to transform your home into a multigenerational dwelling, including some of the key tips to consider.

Create More Space

One of the key challenges with multigenerational homes is creating enough space suitable for the number of residents. With clever design and planning, this can be achieved in even the smallest block of land. You’ll need to ensure you only hire a registered builder for your project.

Extending your home out or up will depend on your situation. Homeowners will often increase the number of bedrooms, yet there is far more to consider than just bedrooms. You’ll need to consider your unique requirements including the likelihood your needs will change over time.

Private Living Areas

A multigenerational home must offer enough private living spaces to accommodate all members of the family at different times. It is important that there are enough private spaces for the grandparents to avoid being overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of modern family life.

You may also need to consider private spaces for kids to play without bothering others. Of course, separate rooms for various purposes are a good option. You should also consider the acoustics of the home. There are a variety of flooring options for families to consider. Hard flooring has many great benefits however it can create noise issues which can be a challenge in multigenerational homes.

Working from Home

Every family is different however there is a growing trend to work from home and well-designed multigenerational homes can be a great place to do it. Your family may consider adding a study or home office space so those working can retreat to a quiet space to focus on work.

Some families may require more than one work from home space due to the diverse needs and work style of each family member. For example, people are working to a much later age than they once were so your grandparents may still require home office space.

Self Sufficiency

Where space allows it, maintaining a level of self-sufficiency is important in a multigenerational home. This could mean installing a small laundry, kitchen or bathroom could be wise decisions. The needs of the elderly will evolve over time, so having some level of independence while they can, is essential to maintaining their quality of life.

Space to Retreat

All of us need a little me time where we can enjoy some time on our hobbies, read a book, or just have some peace and quiet. Multigenerational homes should account for this need by providing space suitable for your families. It may be suitable to create a man cave in your garage or a reading nook hidden away somewhere in the home.

Consider the type of activities you will do as a multigenerational household. Multigenerational homes may have children, grandchildren and parents which require different degrees of supervision or independence on any given day. While it can be difficult to understand what your future needs might be, its’ best to plan for them as best you can.


Multigenerational households are increasingly common in Melbourne and can offer a number of benefits to all family members, including peace of mind knowing your parents will be looked after with their basic needs met. Multigenerational homes should take into account individual family dynamics. With clever design you can increase your living space and make your home functional and enjoyable for all generations.


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