What is a multigenerational household and why it can work for you

Multigenerational homes are changing the way we live. With the figure of these households on the rise, there are currently more than four million Australians living in these types of homes with one in five households a multigenerational home. Essentially, MultiGen homes house adults from two or more generations living under the one roof.

Why MultiGen?

A variety of reasons can explain the rise in multigenerational homes. Some of those include the peace of mind and ease of care with elderly parents, young children and family members with disabilities.

In many countries, multigenerational homes are the norm culturally, however, in Australia the core reasons to create these households doesn’t stem from culture.

Financial circumstances are a key catalyst for these living conditions, with the allure of shared mortgage, bills, maintenance costs and general living expenses a main deciding factor for many Melbourne families.

How to achieve it

Housing several generations of adults under the one household adds a new dynamic to the average home. To practice multigenerational living to the best of its ability, simply moving into an existing three to four bedroom home isn’t enough. This custom type of living begs for a custom built home – something XL Built can assist with.

For many, the beginning of this type of living happens gradually over time. A home once suitable for one generation of adults and their children soon becomes home to two or more families, and privacy becomes a problem.

When custom building a home in Melbourne suitable for multigenerational living, comfort and privacy are the key things to achieve. Alterations to an existing home can be made with the creation of a ‘Granny flat’, a second storey extension or an entirely self-contained space. These options add room, privacy and the ability to live independently while still occupying the same block.

Certain homes will be too difficult to alter to meet the functionality of your living circumstances, and so a fresh start may be what’s needed. XL Built offers complete rebuilds so you can create exactly what your family needs.

Regardless of the factors driving you towards residing under the same roof, you’re certainly not alone. Millions of Australians have made the change, and are currently reaping the benefits of shared expenses and connected living. 

Read our E-book on multigenerational homes here.


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