The one question you must ask your builder

The one question you must ask your builder written on bedroom image

There are many questions to ask your builder prior to signing on the dotted line. However there is one major question which needs clarification. Considering, the average house has more than… • 8,000 bricks • 1,000 metres of electrical cabling… and.. • 12,000 nails And each building activity is carried out by a different tradesman. […]

Beating overwhelm when building a custom home

Beating overwhelm when building a custom home written on a custom home image

Building a custom home in Melbourne used to be easy. You’d choose a builder and a design… and that was about it. But today, you have so much more choice. In fact, you have almost infinite choice… which can be both good and bad. For example, what sort of toilet do you want for your […]

Building Contract for Melbourne Home Extensions

Melbourne Home Extension Building Contracts written on living rood image

In this blog I’d like to tell you about a big mistake many home owners make and it relates to the Building Contract for your Melbourne home extension. After spending hours and hours choosing custom home inclusions for their extension, some people are disappointed to find the builder has made substitutions along the way. In […]

Prime costs and provisional sums explained

Prime costs and provisional sums Explained

In our last blog we talked about custom home inclusions. And the importance of getting all the inclusions listed correctly so that you budget is adhered to. In this blog I want to tell you about another trap that can cause your budget to blowout. Prime costs and provisional sums Contracts often include ‘industry terms’ […]

What custom home inclusions are included in your price?

Custom Home Inclusions written on kitchen image

When researching your new home, have you ever searched for house designs online or collected brochures from display centres? Did you compare the prices lists and custom home inclusions? Well before you set your heart on a particular design, please understand it may actually end up…   Costing You a Lot More   You see, […]