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Knock Down Re-Builds

For the moments you want to start over, XL Built can make it happen.

Knock Down Re-builds give your family the chance to create a household to suit your lifestyle. There’s no need to be uprooted from the neighbourhood, and energy efficient options can be added to benefit your family in the long run.

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The Process

At XL Built we customise every build, because no two families are the same. We consult closely with your family on your needs to design a home that is as comfortable for your lifestyle as it is practical.

Our design process has been broken into three stages to ensure nothing is overlooked at each phase of the build.

This system is unique to XL Built and consists of:

Stage 1 – Concept Design
Stage 2 – Design Development
Stage 3 – Final Design and Documentation

Your approval is required at each stage of the build, ensuring nothing is missed and budgets can be kept in control. XL Built also offers a money back guarantee on your design, allowing you creative freedom without hesitation.

Our knowledgeable team obtains any permits and documentation required for the build, taking the stress out of your hands. Throughout the process communication is key, with several options to communicate with our team online, direct and via our exclusive internal portal.

Your vision is our vision.

Registered with the Building Practitioner’s Board, all of our builds are executed to exceed industry standards. Each project operates under a number of insurances, and isn’t commenced without a Home Owner’s Warranty insurance, Public Liability insurance, Contract Works insurance and Work Cover.

From the moment your design is complete, our team works on creating a custom schedule for your build. Adhering to strict timelines, this schedule will enable the fastest possible completion date for your home.

Following this schedule, the deposit and depending on the requirements on your build, the project will commence demolition. Across each stage of the build including the base, frame, roof cover, lock-up, internal wall lining, fixing and completion, more than 2,000 items will be assessed on our quality management checklist. And our team doesn’t miss a thing.

If changes need to be made during the build, we work with you to offer flexibility in design. Our work is all executed by highly skilled, friendly and respectful tradespeople. We hand pick our team and assure nothing but the best when building your dream home.

Just because our work has stopped, doesn’t mean our service has. When you move back into your dream home, we offer a three-month maintenance period for any unseen defects that may appear.

As our work is executed by highly skilled tradespeople, we are confident in the quality of our work. As a result we offer a 10-year structural guarantee, giving peace of mind for the future of your home.

We provide ongoing support and service and are always on hand to help make you as comfortable as possible in your newly built home.
Our service starts right from the moment you visit our website to many years later as you enjoy the perfection of your custom built home.

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What is Multigen?

Multigenerational homes are households that cater for two or more generations living under a single roof. Currently there are more than four million people living in multigenerational homes in Australia, which accounts for one in five of all Australians.
Benefits of multigenerational living comes financially (through shared mortgage, bills and maintenance costs) and in piece of mind, knowing your grandparents can be taken care of or look after young children in the household.
XL Built can assist in making your home MultiGen, whether it is through the addition of a separate living area or by building a custom new home. When professionally designed, these MultiGen homes take into account all of your family’s needs.

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