HomeView Customer Portal

Our HomeView Customer Portal is a user friendly tool where our customers are able to specify the finishes of their home. HomeView offers peace of mind by providing real-time updates on your home’s construction progress. Through the portal, you can access photos, progress information for each stage, FAQs, and essential documents to guide you through the building process. It’s a one-stop resource that keeps you informed, connected, and empowered as you watch your dream home come to life

Interactive 3D Selections

Effortlessly explore your home design selections in stunning 3D from every perspective. With just a click, you can effortlessly modify colour and material combinations and witness instant visualizations within the context of your project, gaining a truly tailored and comprehensive visual grasp of your choices.

Easy Choices Library

Explore thousands of items with photos and descriptions in HomeView’s Easy Choices Library. Making selections for your fittings and finishes is a breeze with our user-friendly layout and intuitive design. If you’re looking for something special or unique, we can create a custom item just for you.

Observable Progress

You can effortlessly monitor the progress of your selections at any stage to ensure nothing is overlooked.
Explore storyboards showcasing your chosen items to identify any clashes or elements that don’t harmonize.

Progress Updates

Stay informed about the status and future developments of your ‘new’ home by accessing regular progress updates and milestone notifications. These updates will keep you updated on the current progress and provide valuable insights into upcoming stages and important information for the next phases.


Experience the exciting transformation of your ‘new’ home as your Construction team provides you with frequent photo updates showcasing the progress. These images will be readily available for you to download and share with your loved ones on Facebook, allowing you to share the journey with your family and friends.

24/7 Access

Experience secure, round-the-clock accessibility starting from the Design stage and throughout the entire construction process. Monitor the advancement of your build, handpick and preview your fittings and fixtures, and witness your “new” home taking shape through a collection of photos. Simply log in using your computer, iPad, or smartphone.

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